• Anthony Candela

Is now the time to adopt Virtual Bill Pay?

Undoubtedly, the world is much different today than it was just a month ago.  And as we all learn to live in this “new normal”, maybe now is the time to look into some technology that can make your business a bit more efficient.

One such technology is

With, you can:

  • Centralize how you receive invoices from your vendors.  You can create an email address (for example, to receive your invoices.  If you are working from home, you won’t have to worry about invoices being sent to your office, how you will retrieve them, etc.

  • Automatically route bills for internal approval

  • View your cleared checks, all searchable by customer/invoice number

  • Sync your vendors, bills and payments to commonly used accounting software

We hope you found the above helpful. And again, we are available if you have questions, concerns or need assistance.

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